Will Rajamouli Reverse Formula For Mahesh?


RajamouliBoth Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu have confirmed that there is a provision for them to work together after the completion of their in-hand assignments. It is Jakkanna who first revealed that he has to do a film for the Superstar as they both signed together a producer already. And then Mahesh too confirmed that a story should be worked out first before he’s ready to join Rajamouli’s board. There’s a stumbling block however, for this film to happen.

Superstar is the type who works with any director only if he gets convinced with the story. He won’t give assurance to any director until he gets the story presented to him. If the story is fine, then a newcomer like Srikanth Addala or Koratala Siva will also get a chance. Both did their second films with Superstar only. Coming to Rajamouli, he’s the person who cooks a story without having any hero in them mind. Or he popularly says these days, “I’ll write a story first and then think about the hero. If it fits Salman, then I’ll approach him or if it fits Sunil, I’ll approach him”. In that case, when will Rajamouli get a story or idea in his brain, which could really fit Mahesh. Or will Mahesh do Rajamouli’s film for whatever the story he comes up with?

It’s Rajamouli who should change his work formula and now tailor a story keeping Mahesh Babu in the mind. Then only Superstar will be giving nod to him, because not all these mass-subjects carved out by the director of Baahubali will suit this numero uno hero. Let’s see what happens.