Will Salman Khan ever get married? The actor reveals the truth


Salman-Khan-MarriageSalman Khan and marriage don’t really fit in one sentence. The actor is 51 and is still the most eligible bachelor of the country. He has often been made to answer this question and he has patiently entertained all of them. It’s high time we stop asking the man when he will ‘settle down’ as from what we see, he is happy being single and is in the best phase of his career. Why bother getting married? But he knows people won’t stop asking him about it and that’s exactly what happened in an interview with News 18. He was asked this done to death question for perhaps the 100th time and his answer made us believe it’s time people let his personal life be.

Salman says, “Bahut saare logo ko meri shaadi ki chinta hai. Lekin jis waqt honi hogi woh hogi, nahi honi hai to nahi hogi.” We hope now everyone knows what the actor feels about getting married so that they can give it a rest. Salman, married or no, will always be a heartthrob. He is still the dream man of a lot of ladies in every age group. So it hardly matters if he gets married or decides to stay single forever. Yes, we understand the fans want him to have a companion for life but continuously asking him the same question is not going to make him take the plunge. That’s not how Salman Khan rolls!

Not long ago, Salman did mention in an interview, “I believe in sex after marriage! Sex and marriage both have not happened in my life.”