Will Sye Raa Have A Sad Climax?


For any cinema, ending is the most important part. If the climax fails to connect with the audience, the movie could be a failure.

Climax of Sye Raa, has become a discussion point among the makers and fans as well.

Telugu audience don’t normally like sad endings and love to see a happy ending on screen most of the times.

Recently, RX100 had a sad ending but it did not create huge impact even though it became a hit. Only sad endings that did win some box office appreciation are Kamal Haasan movies like Vasantha Kokila, Nayakudu, Sagara Sangamam, Maro Charitra. Other heroes tried it but films like Antham failed at the box office.

Now, that has become a problem for Sye Raa team also it seems. As per history, Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy was hanged to death and head was hanged at his palace for days by British.

As per the rumour mills, Writers and director, are thinking about adding a montage of Indian National movement of Freedom after his death, it seems.

So, that the history won’t be disturbed and also, the audience will leave cinema halls on positive note. We have to wait and see, if this rumour will become true?!