Will Sympathy Lie With Bruce Lee?


Rudhramadevi-bruce-leeIn the wake of Senior director Dasari Narayan Rao also demanding “Bruce Lee” to be postponed, Telugu film industry is right now divided into two groups. One for the postponement and the other against it.  In fact, release date of “Bruce Lee” got confirmed 3 months ago as October 16th and the makers have stuck to it though onlookers doubted the competition and arrival of this Ram Charan’s film.

On the flip side, Gunasekhar got his “Rudramadevi” pushed from May 15th to 24th, then to couple of other dates in next months and finally declared October 9th as the date. Till a day before release, no one believed the film is actually releasing, and also Gunasekhar hasn’t made any requests to other biggies to give him space at box office.

Now that “Rudhramadevi” is doing well at box office, few bigheads took Guna’s side to ask Bruce Lee for a postponement. Industry biggies however say, if they pressurise Ram Charan to back out from race now, it will set a bad precedent. They ask, “Someone will confirm their date 6 months in advance, and in the last minute another film will arrive in front of it and demand postponement of latter. How long we could entertain such pleas?”

At the same time, there are those who express their sympathy with “Rudhramadevi”, and accusing that Ram Charan has no heart to say a sincere-talented-hardworking producer like Gunasekhar. Looking at all this, should we now ask, if Bruce Lee won’t get postponed, will sympathy lie with Gunasekhar or Ram Charan?

A big producer commented: “Knowing that Bruce Lee is coming on October 16th, Guna locked 9th as release date. So, he took a brave decision already. Let’s not make his decision cowardice by asking Charan to postpone. Even DVV Danayya invested a bomb and missing out festival season will bring him some losses, no matter what veterans say. Yes, seasons are not needed to release films of big heroes, but to achieve big revenue targets, seasons are essential. Otherwise why big heroes like Pawan, Mahesh, Charan, Jr NTR and Bunny target festivals all the time?”

Already Charan shared his view that Gunasekhar is the one who came in the middle while they have planned out well. So, it’s upto Guna now, to demand Bruce Lee postponement or not.