Will Upasana Go To Bangkok Or Not?


In the past, the people related to the movie heroes are not much noted. But thanks to social media, everyone are knowing about the life partners of the celebrities. The celebrity wife who always stays active on social media is Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Kamineni.

Mega Power Star is not that active on social media but Upasana will stay very active and share each and every update about her husband’s movies. All the Mega fans follow her to know about Ram Charan’s updates. Whenever a special location is fixed for a shooting, she also takes him along and this mega couple enjoys their family life to the core.

She used to attend Rangasthalam sets frequently as well. Now Cherry is planning to go to Bangkok as some action scenes and the songs are going to get canned for his upcoming movie under the direction of Boyapati Srinu. Will Upasana tag him along or not has become a hot topic. There is a talk that she will miss this tour as she is busy with her Business. Let’s see will this Mega Couple go to Bangkok together or not.