Will We Be Able To See Bharateeyudu-2 Soon?


Ever since Shankar started making big budget VFX films, his films started taking more time frustrating his fans and audiences.

2.0 could have been a bigger and better success had he could complete the film faster with better planning. Even though some of the delays are not due to his planning but the movie lost great dates and got affected by less to no holidays in the release time to really boost the trade.

Also, movie did not get overwhelming positive response like his films used to get till last decade.

After I and 2.0, many of his fans also feel he is going for style than substance these days. He announced Indian-2/Bharateeyudu-2 with Kamal Hassan but the movie is juggling between being shelved and being shot.

Lyca Productions who wanted to produce the movie are no longer involved with the film say sources. Kamal Hassan is also busy with politics and he announced Indian-2 to be his last film as an actor.

The time is running out testing patience of all involved and even audiences but Shankar did not announce any further development with the project.

Recently, he celebrated his 25 years in Industry with fellow filmmakers but he did not announce anyhing else. Rumors say he is looking for Chiru in Telugu and Vikram – Vijay in Tamil for a multi-starrer but even those news stories aren’t followed up by anything.

Well, we hope Shankar does understand that taking long time when the market seems to be down for him is a bad idea and announce something soon.

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