Will You Walk Along My Tsunami: Trivikram Asks PK Fans


During the audio launch function of his latest film A..Aa, writer-director Trivikram gave an inspiring introduction about his close friend Power Star Pawan Kalyan and showed his love for Pawan in the form of a poem which was received with a thunderous response.

In his words, Trivikram said that Pawan is like a mountain that never bows to anyone and a wave that never stops for anyone. The ‘matala mantrikudu’ then described Pawan as his tsunami, his hidden army, his weapon to fight the enemy and a raindrop that came down to touch everyone’s heart.

Trivikram then asked all the ecstatic fans, who are already floored by his rousing speech, if they are ready to walk along with Pawan Kalyan. One wonders if Trivikram was referring to Pawan’s political aspirations and is encouraging fans to walk along his footsteps and support him in his endeavors.