After WKKB it is #WWB for Bahubali fans!


Bhalladeva-wifeBahubali franchise, should be called the most intriguing franchises of all time in Indian movies. A regional film, just toppled the top most grossers of even Khan starrers and in three days, the gross collection, for the first weekend, is already said to have crossed 500 crs and the typhoon has just started.

After Dhoom series, this is the most discussed franchise. For Dhoom, who will play the next super villain is the discussion, but for Bahubali the characters and their complex relationships have become the interesting elements to ponder upon. Till Bahubali2, release Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali, #WKKB has become the biggest suspense and fans waited patiently for two years to know the answer. Even after watching the conclusion, people are discussing about Bhallaladeva’s wife.

Now, they want to know answer for the question, Who is Wife of Bhalla? #WWB is the trending topic on social media and many trolls have also started circulating. The most interesting of them is, showing different images of Bhallaladeva with other characters the image edit reads, his mother – Sivagami, his father – Bijjaladeva, his brother – Bahubali, his crush – Devasena, his dog – Kattappa, his wife – System error#^$%! Fans are asking Rajamouli to atleast answer this question in soms book, comic series or if possible a third part! What say SSR?