This Woman Packs a ‘Wonder’ Punch!


Wonder-WomanHollywood Blockbuster action movies have always found a special place in our markets too. There are many Batman and Spiderman fans in India who love to watch their movies as many times as they are made. Just the collections from our market to these blockbuster epics tells how frenzy our audience about these International Superheroes. Even big stars like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise have great fan following in the country and many of their action films have opened to a grand reception.

But even in our country not many woman oriented action adventures are made and expect for few like Arundhati not many have found that bigger reception too. But Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman changed everything. The movie has become a bigger blockbuster than expected and the movie topped the box office leaving behind big action stars like Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise.

While Baywatch became a no-show in front of Wonder Woman, The Mummy in it’s first weekend showed some kind of fight by securing a second place. A literal unknown Israel beauty, Gal Gadot who only appeared in Fast and Furious franchise before this, turned up to be the perfect casting for Wonder Woman role. The movie already collected 420 million dollars in it’s first week Internationally and the movie is set to create many unprecedented records for a woman oriented action movie! A Wonder Punch indeed!