Wonder Woman Remuneration Is Very Less


Gal-GadotIt’s a very common thing that Bollywood heroines charge more than Southern heroines.  Hollywood heroines charge more than the Bollywood heroines.  In a recent development, remuneration of a Hollywood actress has thrown a huge surprise.. and her fans were shocked.

Hollywood film ‘Wonder Woman’ is a huge success at the box office and it has registered Rs. 3,800 crore collections at the box office and the collections are still counting.   Israeli actress & model Gal Gadot played the lead role and she has won appreciation from the audience as well as film critics.  Recent reports revealed that the production house has offered Rs. 1.8 crore as her remuneration for ‘Wonder Woman’.

We all know that Nayanthara charges anywhere around 2.5 to 3 crore per film.  Kajal, Anushka are charging around 2 crores per film.  This is the remuneration of our heroines as our buget won’t usually exceed 100 crores.  But the budget of ‘Wonder Woman’ is 900 crore.   Gal Gadot delivered excellent  performance.. and she has done risky stunts in the action sequences..but still they have paid very less remuneration.

When her fans came to know about her remuneration, they are blasting the production house. Some say that she will get some additional amount from the production house as the movie turned out to be a blockbuster.  The production house might offer 50-70 crore remuneration to her as they are planning a sequel to the film.  In that way, she can cover up her remuneration.