I won’t support vulgarity: Manjima Mohan


Manjima-MohanManjima Mohan, the malayali beauty has always shown an aversion to sport bikini and short dresses on screen. Many actresses like her during their initial stages tried to stay away from exposing too much skin and now, they have resorted to do so to stay in the competition.

But Manjima who got a good break with Sahasam Swasaga Saagipo has made it clear that she doesn’t like flaunting her assets in public and there is a thin line between vulgarity and glamour.

She said,” Many don’t understand the difference between beauty, glamour and vulgarity. I can’t be vulgar on screen and I will never support anyone who forces me to do so. I’m happy to retire if I won’t be getting any offers but I’ll never resort to wearing clothes that I’m highly uncomfortable on screen!”

Well, the actress hit back strongly on those who started spreading rumours that she will be acting in lip-lock scenes and bikini scenes in her next feature films.