Wow! What A Buttering Up Pooja Hegde


Pooja-Hegde-DJ-Audio-LaunchPooja Hegde didn’t score a hit in her career till now but she became a crazy heroine ever since ‘DJ-Duvvada Jagannadham’ promos are released.  Her glamorous looks have impressed everybody in DJ.  It seems Pooja has learned the tricks of the trade in survive in the film industry.  Her sweet talk in ‘DJ’ audio launch event has shown her talent to everybody.

While speaking at the event, Pooja said that “Our director Harish Shankar sir craks often craks jokes.  They are wonderful.. I used to think of those jokes after the shooting and laugh. He asked me not to call him ‘sir’ but I’m unable to do like that”.   She has spoken about Dil Raju also. She said that it would be good if he becomes an actor.  She has wondered why he didn’t try as a hero with such good looks.   She said that she will be very happy if Dil Raju, Harish gives her offers in future also.

She didn’t confine her talking to Dil Raju and Harish Shankar.  She told that Bunny dances are brilliant and he has given so many acting tips to her.  Her buttering didn’t stop at Bunny.. she has done it for Telugu audience also.  She said that Telugu fans are crazy.. that’s the reason why she is doing Telugu films even though she is busy in Bollywood. She promised that she would learn Telugu by the time she comes up with her next film.