Yatra – A Must Watch Biopic!


‘Yatra’ released Today in as many as 970 screens Worldwide. Such a massive release for a biopic is very rare and that shows the craze among the people for YSR Biopic.

Director Mahi V Radhav completed the entire shoot of ‘Yatra’ in just 68 days. Makers haven’t over-hyped at any point but just put their sincere efforts to recreate the life journey of a People’s Leader.

Today, All those Telugu People who have seen ‘Yatra’ have been able to connect with the real emotions in the movie. Mahi V Radhav is receiving appreciation for sticking to the plot from start to finish. Apart from focusing on Padayatra, Backstory for each Welfare Scheme implemented by YSR has been narrated in the most effective manner.

Emotional Quotient is what makes ‘Yatra’ very special. Especially, The real footage shown in the last 10 minutes is gut-wrenching to say the least.

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