Yes, All Isn’t Well In MAA: Naresh


A Press Conference was convened by Shivaji Raja’s Group to clarify there were no financial irregularities regarding the recent MAA Event in USA. In the process, Shivaji Raja told media that Naresh isn’t accessible to them and he is deliberately creating this controversy for winning in the MAA Elections.

In the press meet on Monday evening, Naresh told: ‘MAA planned to establish a new office for the Silver Jubilee event with the support of founder-president Chiranjeevi and few other bigwigs. For the first fund-raising event, We preferred to take Megastar to USA. I was deliberately sidelined since the event was finalized. Neither the schedule of US Tour nor List of Celebs visiting America was given to Me though I’m the General Secretary. I had sent many messages to Shivaji Raja before and after the event but he didn’t respond’.

Naresh clarified he needn’t have to defame somebody to contest or win elections. He, however, gave a clean chit to Srikanth describing him as a wonderful person.

The Senior Actor told: ‘I myself asked Mahesh Babu if he would take part in the second event of MAA. Namrata clearly said they don’t mind doing their bit if I take control of the organizing. All of a sudden, Shivaji Raja & Co. began sidelining Me. That’s when I began suspecting that something is wrong. I took charge of the MAA Office and convened an emergency executive meeting. When I proposed Fact Finding Committee, Shivaji Raja abused the reporter who reported the issue with unparliamentary words. Records of the MAA Meetings in the past one year has gone missing though the equipment is in working condition. Several Celebs who had gone for the US event travelled in Business Class costing Rs 3 lakh per ticket. Who’s money did they spend? I have always stood by what is right. Let’s set up Fact Finding Committee to know if there is any financial fraud or not’.