Yes, Heroines were asked to share Bed


Actress-KasthuriMany Actresses has suffered a lot due to Casting Couch in the Film Industry. These days, Heroines aren’t scared of sharing their bad experiences. After Radhika Apte, Regina, Veda, Varalakshmi and Madhavi Latha, Kasthuri broke her silence on the harassment she faced in the Industry.

Kasthuri who is in India since January for the dance training of her Daughter revealed: ‘Yes, The trend of asking Heroines to share bed with Men exists in Film  Industry. Few Actresses speak without proper understanding. While few Heroines lose opportunities by demanding hefty pay, Some others fail due to poor choices they make. In my case, I wasn’t able to reach a certain level just because I was sacked from few projects and that too because of a Hero’.

‘That particular Hero is a Politician now. He has got a lot of ego. Still, I respect him but he doesn’t want to hear ‘NO’. I even acted with him in one movie. He used to express his angry on me when we were shooting together. Later, I was sacked from two projects because of him’.