Yes, I Sold Off My House To Launch My Son


Director Puri Jagannadh not only earned huge through movies but he had also lost a lot of money. On several occasions, Puri revealed that the people he had trusted cheated him and that he was even stuck in severe debts and went back to square one at one point.

But he revived himself again and earned back all the money and property he had lost, by making movies. But of late, there has been a buzz that Puri had to sell off his house to produce Mehbooba, the soon to release film which will launch Puri’s son Akash Puri as a hero. When he was asked about it during Mehbooba’s promotions, Puri has confirmed the buzz.

“Who will watch Akash if I make him a hero under another producer? People may wonder if audiences will come to watch my son. So, I took the risk. That’s why I had sold off one of my houses and made Mehbooba. I believe in my son and that’s why I have spent so much on him,” Puri said.

Puri went on to add that he has lost money and even earned it back once and that he is ready to do so even in future. “It’s not a big deal for me if I lose money as I can earn it back. I am always prepared to start from zero,” said Puri.