Yesteryear’s Hero Turns Event Manager


Some loyalties are timeless. They know no bounds. We are talking about a yesteryear’s hero who is known both in Tollywood and Bollywood with some of his box office hits. He is not very happening now. As a token of respect to his god father he has worked behind the screen for a recent event.

Many might have witnessed the pre release event of “Officer” held at N Convention a day ago. The event was completely managed by none other JD Chakravarthy, a close aide of Ram Gopal Varma. This information has come out late by the sources as JD was not seen anywhere in the event and even he was not acknowledged by RGV or Nagarjuna from the dais. JD was around the event hall wearing a hood to hide his identity, holding a walkie talkie and running here and there.

Nagarjuna also was completely unaware of the people behind event. Only the male and female anchor those coordinated with JD knows the truth. But the rest of back stage people who participated in the event didn’t know that they were dealing with JD as his face was partly covered. Many of them assumed he was some event manager.

Well, JD is known for not being in reachable mode for many of the film celebs He is reachable and available for service exclusively for Ram Gopal Varma.