‘Yevadu’ top super hit of 2014 till now


yevadu-filmThe trade calculations on Ramcharan’s ‘Yeavdu’ might still reach the dream mark of Rs.50 Crores seems to be impossible for now. As reported earlier, collections in all the areas are dropped drastically with repeat audience seen pretty low in number. For any regional movie to breach Rs.50 Crores mark, it requires either strong content or superbly added surprising elements something like ‘Magadheera’ or ‘Dookudu.’ Of course, the star value always adds to the magnitude.

However, for ‘yevadu’ it’s the craze and power of Mega brand which worked wonders in first two to three weeks of revenues. Later on, all the areas have shown a steep declination. Anyways, for a movie like ‘yevadu’ which was considered stale, these shares are extra ordinary from every point of view. Though ‘yevadu’ might miss Rs.50 Crores bull eye, yet it’s the top super hit of 2014 till now.