This young actor fails to ignite a discussion!


Jayadev-Movie-ReviewNormally, whenever a film releases, the actors in the film, that too if they belong to a popular family does rise a discussion. How good they are? And how well can they survive in the industry is discussed more than anything but one new hero is unable to do so even though his movie released last week.

Ghanta Srinivas Rao is one strong and famous politician. When his son, Ghanta Ravi is debuting as an actor then it is common to have a discussion on how he performed. But the actor is unable to ignite even a small discussion about him. Not many know that his Jaydev in the direction of Jayanth C. Paranjee released last Friday and the movie has been replaced by DJ in many theatres as well.

A discussion regarding the actor and his strengths, weaknesses would help the actor and also the movie, as a promotion. But not even the media is interested in discussing about his movie and we are surprised about this. Such low profile is highly unanticipated and we wonder what will be his next movie!