Young Director Impress Karthi


Needi Naadi Oke Katha is the latest movie of actor Sree Vishnu under the direction of Venu Udugula. Though the movie hasn’t performed well commercially the audience appreciated the talent of directors and the natural acting of Hero Sree Vishnu.

The director is now all set to start his next project. As per the latest reports, Venu is preparing to do a multilingual movie and release it in Telugu and Tamil languages. So, for this movie, he approached Hero Kaarthi who has a good image in both Kollywood as well as Tollywood. As Kaarthi also got impressed with the storyline and really liked it the character he was offered, he immediately asked the director to complete the script and Venu Udugula is now busy with the script works.

After seeing Needi Naadi Oke Katha movie, Kaarthi stated that the director has portrayed each and every character very well and that is the reason why he gave a chance for the director to narrate the script. The hero character in the script Venu narrated to Kaarthi will be very intense, especially as the screenplay greatly impressed the hero, Kaarthi asked for the complete script.