Young Hero and Lady Director’s Romance!


drunk-young-actor-got-friskHe is young and happening hero with good number of hits to his credit. But he also became talking point in industry circles for his weakness towards women. Already, there have been several rumours about his care-free attitude and colourful night life. But he hasn’t changed.

The latest is that the hero has developed an affair with a lady director. The gossips in T-town have it that the lady is wooing many in industry circles for her directorial offers and the hero fell into her trap.

At first she started as hero’s manager, PR and got done few interviews of him and finally settled as director for him.

Both are supposed to work for a film which was later reported to have shelved fortunately. Many say the lady director didn’t have hold on script or direction but just pleasing people with extra activities.

Gossip mongers say it’s better for the hero to keep such women at distance keeping his bright career in mind.