Young Heroine’s Night Business in USA


Unknown-WomanThere’s no surprise that there are many who’re falling in the trap of “easy money” and thus indulging in “flesh trade”. It has become normal to a few upcoming heroines and anchors. However, they’re choosing foreign countries as destination for their business as they feel it’s “safe”.

After an anchor’s night stays at Dubai to please her ‘clients’, here’s an upcoming heroine who has chosen US. It’s learnt that a budding actress who’s popular with a parody film is doing business in US.

She’s reportedly charging huge amount for spending time. Apparently, she said to have earned over Rs 20 Lakh in just 20 days of her stay in the US. Well, looks like, even Trump couldn’t affect her business. Grapevine is abuzz about the actress’ business in Tollywood circuits.

It’s heard that her family here is in good position and not poor as well. Many feeling sad about these budding heroines getting trapped into such acts.