Youngster Tries To Do A Baahubali, Dies


Baahubali-movie-water-fall-India’s biggest motion picture Baahubali has become a sensation among many youngsters who imagined themselves in the gigantic characters of the film’s star cast. One particular scene in the film, Baahubali trying to climb up the waterfall and meeting Tamannaah atop, was a huge hit among the youths and even a few short films were made with this inspiration.

However, this inspiration proved fatal in the case of a 23-year old Karimnagar youth named Shabbir. This Friday, Shabbir and his friends went to Gattu Singaram waterfalls in Peddapalli for a picnic. Highly enthusiastic after seeing the waterfall, Shabbir started performing risky stunts atop the waterfall, just like Prabhas did in Baahubali.

However, Shabbir lost his grip while performing a dangerous jump, slipped and fell down to his death. His friends immediately rushed him to a hospital where he was declared brought dead. Enthusiastic fans must realize that film stars perform all their stunts amid all the safety measures like expert professionals, rigs and ropes. They should not imitate stars and put themselves in danger.