You’re Madder Than Me!: RGV


RGVThe two Telugu states have only single burning issue.. i.e., GST for the past few days.  The innocent people lot may get confused it with the Goods Services Tax implemented by Narendra Modi but the intelligent Telugu people will never get confused.  They will immediately know that it is ‘philosophical’ director Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘God Sex and Truth’.

Senior music director MM Keeravani composed music for GST.  Very few people would expect Keeravani would work for this kind of controversial short film. He surprised everybody by associating with GST.   He felt that RGV uplifted his music over the years with several challenges and the latest one is ‘GST’.  He tweeted a couple of days back that “Love @RGVzoomin for uplifting my music in the process of showcasing his brilliance in various kinds of celluloid aesthetics.  Romance in 1991, Comedy in 1992, and Sex in 2018. Horror and Violence to follow soon this year, Thanks to the mad movie maker for believing in me.”

Varma who is known for his witty responses came up with an interesting reply to the ‘Baahubali’ music director.  He tweeted that ‘Hey I believe that u are madder than me because only a mad genius like u can jump from a kshanakshanam to Annamayya to Bahubali to #GodSexTruth”.   What Varma said may be true, because a normal person can’t work with a mad person!