Irritating habits of Facebook users revealed


Irritating-habits-of-FaceboA study by the Pew Research Center, in its study about the decade-old social networking giant, charts the habits of its users.

According to Cnet, the study indicates that about 36 per cent of Facebook users do not like it when their friends ‘overshare’, simply put, post about every mundane detail about their lives on the site.

Users said they ‘strongly dislike’ when friends post too much information about themselves and clutter the News Feed.

The users said that it is also annoying when friends share information about them, like photos or check-ins, without first asking permission.

The study also found that users often feel jealous when they see others having fun during social activities, in which they weren’t included in, and only 5 per cent of those surveyed admitted not being scared of missing out.

The report said that 12 per cent of Facebook users were asked to de-friend someone on their network and 22 per cent of those said that the request was specifically made to cut Facebook ties with a former romantic partner.

Although, users hit ‘Like’ and posted comments to photos regularly, only 10 per cent changed their statuses daily.

The study further revealed that only 19 per cent of users send private Facebook messages on a daily basis, the report added.