Now surrender Extra LPG Connections online


LPG-CylindersExtra LPG Gas Connections can now be surrendered online

Government of India introduced cap on subsidy LPG gas cylinders for all consumers. The consumers can get only six subsidy cylinders in a year and will have to take non-subsidy cylinders after this limit. To prevent misuse of non-subsidy cylinders, Oil Companies have directed people to surrender multiple gas connections and extra LPG gas connections voluntarily. They are strictly implementing the rule of ‘One house-One connection’.

Higher Officer in Ministry of Petroleum informed that they are receiving large number of complaints from the consumers that the dealers are creating problems while consumers are trying to surrender the extra LPG connections. Further he said it is not possible to take action against each and every dealer all over the country. Thus they are providing a new system to surrender extra LPG Gas Connection without any problems.

For this Oil Companies have provided facilities to surrender online. Now Consumers can surrender through simple process. All they have to do is consumers have to login to the website of Oil Company and fill the details of the connection which they wanted to surrender. After filling the form, it is the responsibility of concern dealer to complete other formalities.

Previously Oil Companies informed that Gas connection will be disconnected if

  • failing to submit (KYC) form
  • Multiple connections in the same name and address
  • ‘husband and wife’ connections at the same address
  • multiple connections at the same address under different names

Further they made it clear that consumers with more than one connection should fill the ‘Know Your Consumer’ form. The date for filling the KYC form is extended till 30th November, 2012.

So far Oil Companies have blocked 10.2 lakh cylinders and also received large number of forms for surrendering the extra LPG gas connection. Online surrendering of extra LPG Connection system will prevent consumers from facing unnecessary difficulties.