Tool for easy booking of Tatkal Tickets – Magic Autofill


Tool for easy booking of Tatkal Tickets – Magic Autofill for Indian Railways has introduced an autofill tool for making entries in Indian Railways Tatkal Reservation System. This online tool is Primarily useful for filling up all details required for Tatkal Railway Reservation. The Idea is very simple but very effective. When we normally try to book Tatkal Tickets because of Surge in the traffic at IRCTC we may not be in a position to access the site in the opening hours. Even when we could access IRCTC, the tickets would have been exhausted by the time when we fill up the details required for reservation. The Magic AutoFill for Indian Railways which is a bookmarking tool will remember the details we enter in it for reservation. After we get access into IRCTC, we can simply click the magic autofill tool button available in the browser tool bar. This action will automatically fill up all the details required for railway reservation in the IRCTC interface.


The Indian Railways IRCTC website opens up for train reservations at 8 AM, or 10 AM if you are making a reservation under the tatkal scheme, and the tickets are often booked within minutes. When every second matters, the Magic Autofill tool can improve your chances of getting a train ticket.

Fill the passenger details and click I’m Feeling Lucky. You’ll see a new Magic Autofill button that you need to add to the bookmarks toolbar. Now switch to the Indian Railways website ( and click the same Magic button to fill the reservation form in one click. Or see this video demo on YouTube.