Allu Arjun Confidence On Music Director


allu arjunOur hero is having this habit of testing dance masters and music directors to a peak level. Generally his movies are most talked about for his dances and then the song tunes, as he takes care of them a lot.

Stylish hero Allu Arjun has endorsed the tunes composed by music director Thaman as ‘original’. Of course any music director has to compose original tunes when he is charging cool crore. So what is new in this? In the recent times talented composer Thaman is facing criticism for copying his own tunes and creating new ones. Similarity between many of his albums is earning him disrespect from music lovers. Though he is the king of scoring background music, his tunes are getting forgotten once the movie releases and goes. Coming back strongly, Thaman made sure that this time his critics will be silenced.

Right now Thaman is composing final tunes for Allu Arjun’s ‘Race Gurram’. Bunny has this habit of delivering wonderful musical hits as the songs in his films still dance on tongue tips for many. After listening to the full and final album of Race Gurram, it is heard that our hero is simply super confident about the work.