Boyapati Srinu in the top league


Boyapati-SrinuWith Legend becoming a blockbuster, director Boyapati is now in the top directors’ list in Tollywood

Talking about the film, director Boyapati says that the Legend story had been written long back. “Four years ago when Balayya and I went on a success tour of Simha, we decided to do this film. And we also wanted to release it during the election season. We hadn’t decided about the title of the film at that time,” says Boyapati. Since then the director had been working on other projects as well, he used to write down dialogues as and when an idea struck. Later when they were trying to find a suitable title, it was Boyapati who suggested Legend. Everyone else opposed the title, as they expressed concern over the title’s mass appeal. “But when I shared it with Balayya, he immediately agreed,” says Boyapati.

Before the film got the censor clearance, the election commission also watched the film. “They wanted to check whether the film had any political content. And they cleared it. The dialogues are political, but do not criticise any party,” he adds.

This is the first film from a Nandamuri family to reach the Rs 50 crore club. “These figures give me a lot of confidence and they should also encourage other filmmakers to come up with good films, break this film’s records and create a new one,” says Boyapati.

The director’s next film is going to be with Ram Charan. He says, “It will be a love story with Charan in a completely new avatar.”