Chiranjeevi questions about Balakrishna’s Hindupur seat


chiranjeevi-and-BalakrishnaHyderabad: Chiranjeevi, the Congress Party Chief of Campaigning Committee in Andhra Pradesh, on Friday said that YSR Congress Party, Telugu Desam Party and Bharatiya Janata Party would remain perpetrators in the people’s forum.

He addressed the media at Rajahmundry and said that Telugu Desam Party has deceived the Muslim community by joining hands with Bharatiya Janata Party. He wondered how could Naidu allocate Hindupur assembly seat, the only seat earmarked earlier for Muslims, for Balakrishna. Further, he said that it reveals the fact how much Naidu cares for Muslims.

Chiranjeevi said that YS Jagan, who early committed so many financial crimes by keeping his father in the front row, has now been planning yet again to attain the reins of power for paving a way for his future crimes. Lastly, Chiru said that nobody can ever perish the Congress Party, while stating that the youth got a chance in Congress Party after the opportunists have left.