Dil Raju is Disgusting Producer: Shruti Hassan


Shruti-Haasan-sentiment-forKamal Hassan’s daughter Shruti Hassan is having a superb time running. Her fate totally got changed with Gabbar Singh success and from then there is no looking back for her. She is even getting busy in Bollywood too.

However Shruti Hassan is a bit annoyed these days. Few raunchy stills of her from a song in Yevadu got leaked on to Internet recently. During the song shoot, she particularly told the makers to make sure that the stills do not come out.

But once the heat of the film subdued, the makers silently let out the stills in websites. Shruti reportedly tried her might to get them removed but could not. She even tried contacting Dil Raju regarding the issue but only got a cold response.

The actress was reportedly fuming on Dil Raju and she commented with her close circles that she is yet to come across a disgusting producer as Dil Raju.