Director Teja New Movie Details


TejaWhen a director announces his next team even before his earlier movie hasn’t finished its first week run, it could be seen in two ways. One, the earlier movie has bombed at the box office and the makers have decided its fate and are moving on. Two, the result is ambiguous and in an attempt to hold it for a while, the makers are resorting to such tactics.

The case in the point is: Teja has announced his next movie with the same team that produced ‘1000 Abaddhalu’ viz., Sri Productions Suneetha Prabhakar Paladugu. The producer revealed the details of the next movie in a non-committal manner, said ‘Teja deals love stories in a unique style of his own. So, we are planning to start a quickie in his direction that will cast old and new actors. Plan to start it in September and finish it within 30 days of shoot. Will disclose the details soon’

The Telugu film lovers wish the talented director a successful comeback and the producers a recovery.