Emma Stone Calls Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Out On Sexist Comment


Emma-StoneNew York: ‘Spider-Man’ star Andrew Garfield was left scrambling for words when Emma Stone, his co-star in the film and real-life girlfriend, interrupted him while he was explaining how sewing is a feminine thing to do.

When a child from the audience during a Yahoo Kids Q&A asked Garfield how his famous Spider-Man costume was made, Garfield said: “He made it. He made it with his bare hands. He sewed it.

“He took some sewing classes and some needlework, some needlepoint classes. It’s kind of a feminine thing to do. He made a very masculine costume out of a very feminine”

This is when Stone, 25, chimed in to question Garfield. “It’s feminine how?,” she asked, making co-star Jamie Foxx whistle.

“It’s amazing how you took that as an insult,” an unsettled Garfield shot back. Stone again quipped: “No, I’m not taking that as an insult. I’m asking how it’s feminine.”

Garfield then went on to explain that he meant feminine as a compliment and not as an insult.

The 30-year-old actor explained, “Femininity is about more delicacy, precision, detailed work, and craftsmanship. Like my mother, she’s an amazing craftsman. She in fact made my first Spider-Man costume when I was 3, so I use it as a compliment.

To compliment the feminine not just in women, but in men as well. We all have feminine in us.”

“Not me, I’m extremely macho. I have never done anything feminine,” Foxx joked while shooting a glance at Stone.