Entire Tollywood is Silent on State’s Division!


Telugu-Film-IndustryEver since the announcement of Telangana has been made by the Congress Party, there have been huge agitations in Seemandhra region. Somehow, it appears like a tsunami for now. People of all sections have been taking part in these agitations. At this juncture, some of the people are getting doubts why the tollywood is not responding on the division of state when most of them belong to Seemandhra region. ” Even though I am not a politician, I participate actively in the agitations being a citizen of United State. But I can’t understand why the bigwigs of tollywood such as heroes, other artists and technicians are keeping mum on this issue,” expressed this doubt by an agitator from Seemandhra.

However, there is an interesting and perfect answer from tollywood fraternity for the above question. A bigwig from tollywood says, ” We, the artists and technicians have no boundaries to our talents. We need the appreciation of all sections of people from all areas. We feel all areas are owned by us. So, it is not our cup of tea to support one particular area and developing grudge on other area. However, we admit it’s a big blunder as a few of our stars are being criticized unnecessarily on state’s division issue while others happily keeping away from all these controversies”.