Fans not interested in Ram Charan’s film


Fans-not-interested-in-CharFans not interested in Charans filmRam Charan is one hero who came to success with mere family background. Though many heroes in the past entered film industry with their background, they only could sustain ultimately with their acting skills in long run. But some hoe Ram Charan is luckiest among all as his average films also touching 40 cr easily. One fails to understand what makes this possible? Charan so far could not impress critics in any angle and he fondly called in Bollywood as stone faced hero.

Now Charan has taken a bold step by accepting a family oriented film with director Krishna Vamsi who is making duds in the recent time. Some how fans of Charan are not so eagerly waiting for this film as they are not sure if Krishna Vamsi still has it in him? Wait and see.