Jr NTR Thinking of Politics Seriously ?


jr-ntr-in-politicsGenerally the life of a star hero revolves only around his films and his performance at the box office. But in the case of junior NTR it is not just about his films, there are many other factors that are surrounding his life. Most importantly, it is the effect of politics and his family bloodline which is currently being put to test.

From a long time, there has been a speculation going on that Junior NTR has the potential to become a great leader like his grandfather N T Rama Rao and God willing become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in future. But a lot of incidents have taken place and NTR suffered some blows. But now that speculation seems to be turning out to be true.

It is heard that Junior NTR has now begun to think seriously about taking up active politics. Though he gave an official statement few months ago that he is too young to think of politics, the changing situations and the environment seem to be pushing the young tiger to take a plunge. Let us see how he will take this forward.