Katrina Kaif’s sister ties the knot


katrina-kaif-sister-marriagKatrina Kaif’s sister Natasha tied the knot on Sunday(August 25).Katrina Kaif left Mumbai for London at midnight on Saturday, to join her family for the wedding, thereby rubbishing all the rumours and speculations regarding her alleged time-off for a visit to join Ranbir Kapoor in Sri Lanka.

“To insinuate that Katrina Kaif has nothing better to do than to follow Ranbir Kapoor around like a jobless star-wife wherever he is shooting is not just absurd but also insulting. Katrina Kaif didn’t even have time to join her family in London in advance before the wedding. She left Mumbai for London just hours before the ceremony,” said a friend of Katrina.

There were reports that Katrina was busy trousseau-shopping for Natasha. “Rubbish!” says Katrina’s friend.”All her sisters as strong-willed and independent-minded as Katrina. Natacha did all her wedding shopping on her own. Katrina Kaif just flew in to attend the wedding. She flies back in a few days.”