N Shankar’s debut with Reporter Movie


N-Shankar‘Telugu film Screen is deprived of honest characters for a while now. Stereotypes are ruling the roost and it becomes everyone’s responsibility to make it count when one such attempt is being made’ Says N. Shankar, the award winning filmmaker. He is making his debut as an actor in the film ‘Reporter’ being made by Mahesh Kumar Kathi on the story of a village journalist.

The director is in all praise for his director saying to accommodate the role’s weight, he has shed some of his own. Though reluctant as a starter, the role and the movie have inspired me enough to involve myself and give my hundred percent.

Ramki is playing the lead, said ‘This is an honest film on the reporters’. Music is composed by Raghu Kunche and Dr. Josyabhatla. Chalapathi Rao, Suresh and Tashu Kaushik are the other cast in the film.