Pawan Kalyan lands in legal troubles


Pawan-Kalyan-lands-in-legalPower Star Pawan Kalyan is a personality of sensation, anything he says and do will turn into trend & youth follow them without wasting even a second. Sometime revolutions or anything out of the box ideas even with a good intension in it might fire back and this happened to Pawan now.

According to sources Pawan is going to land into legal troubles and a case is going to be filed on him for hurting devotional feels of priests regarding Kaatam Rayuda song from AD. Once Kaatam Rayuda song hit YouTube within hour’s record number of shares, likes, view-count hit it but on flip side allegations came against Pawan with the same speed.

Kaatam Rayuda is a devotional song and it is also used in film in 1940’s showing a devotee praying before god. But Pawan gave spl person touch to the Kaatam Rayuda with DSP completely transforming it into folk song. With T-agitations pressurizing postponing AD release date, mega fans are more worried with this new legal trouble about Kaatam Rayuda song now. Wish everything turn normal very soon with AD releaseing this month and fans are requesting to take film on entertaining terms rather than picking mistake on small things.