Prabhu Deva becomes highest paid director in India


prabhu-deva-latestDance director Prabhu Deva has entered the tollywood and got a fame as a top director and even hero. and now he has become Top in Bollywood. He has made many films in his style in Bollywood. Currently his trend is going on. His present Remuneration is 30 Crores. In Indian film History no director has taken 30 crores of Remuneration. He is the first one to take that much and made a record.

The Tamil director Sanakr who made Prabu as actor and his remuneration is also less than Prabhu’s Remuneration. With 15 crores of Remuneration Sankar is in second position in India. The reason behind for Prabhu to have this much fame in Bollywood is the film which he has made are Rowdy Rator and wanted. The 2 films have entered 100 crores club and due these, demand for him has been increased in the Bollywood and finally he became number one even in the Bollywood.