Prakash Raj abused Aagadu Director!


Prakash-Raj-abusedPrakash Raj is an actor whom people adore and love so much. Whatever character he plays he invovles in to that character and make people believe that he is in real. Any character suits him let be be a villians, or a comdians or a father character or any thing, Prakash Raj acts perfectly.

But can you believe that, such a great actor throws tantraums at the set? Even i couldnt believe something like that, but hears the story which was told by a source.We all know that Sonu Sood has replaced Prakash Raj in ‘Aagadu’. You know the reason why? Because, we hear from a source that, he has abused a assistant director of the film.

And this thing got so serious that the AD has gone and complained about the behavior of Prakash Raj to the Director’s council and that didn’t stop there. Even the producers of the film complained to Producers Council and Maa organisation about their loses because of Prakash Raj walking out from the film and asked them 1 Lakh compenstation from Prakash Raj and also to return their money which was paid by them.

The things are still going on. The matter still hasn’t settled.