Prakash Raj: APFCC issues warning


Prakash-Raj-clarifies-aboutThe Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce (APFCC) reacted to the  Prakash Raj controversy and made their opinion clear. “We are discussing about the complaint we received. Before we could take a decision, the directors association sent a message to all the members indicating ‘non-cooperation’ with Prakash Raj, which is not right. In the meantime, Prakash Raj, too, went to the media and aired his version, which is also not right,” says N.V. Prasad, president of APFCC.

“Where there is an issue people should solve it amicably. But without our consent, people who are involved in this issue are acting on their own. When they go to media without any settlement, there is no need to come to us,” says an angry president.Asked about Prakash’s accusation about “a person” behind all this, N.V. Prasad dismisses it. “If he knows who is behind the matter he should come out and share facts openly,” he says and adds that the actor and the director won’t suffer anything. The biggest sufferer is the producer.

“Because of their ego problems people are now talking with the media. As a president I am warning that next time when an issue is in the Chamber and those involved speak to the media about it, we won’t take up the issue,” says an angry Prasad.

He added that the Prakash Raj issue will resolve by Monday afternoon. “APFCC will discuss the issue and will settle by Monday afternoon. Till then I appeal all the persons involved in the issue not to talk with anybody,” says N.V. Prasad.