Ram Charan Zanjeer to Postponed?


ram charan zanjeerAlthough director Apoorva Lakhia has been constantly reiterating that ‘A movie is not a furniture to move according to lady’s fancy’, and asserting that ‘Zanjeer will come on planned time that is on September 6’, the latest statement issued by production house Reliance Entertainment, Puneet Prakash Mehra, Sumeet Prakash Mehra and Flying Turtle Films have raised fresh doubts over the release of the film.

Considering the ongoing agitations in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions and anti-T activists in a few regions threatened to stall the release of Ram Charan’s films, has made the host of producers to mull over their decision and to ponder over the postponement of the film.

In the latest press statement, they said that the movie is releasing in September but without mentioning the earlier release date of Sep 6 with sending indications that the makers are keen to defer the release to a later date in the same month. Even the talk is that Zanjeer and Toophan may have different release dates considering the conditions in state.

Also, Lakhia told in his earlier interview that it may be difficult to get theatres in Bollywood if they change the release date in last minute. This is definitely tough time for Charan’s fans!