Ram Gopal Varma’s Daughter wedding Date confirmed


rgv-daughter-revathi-varmaRevathi Varma, daughter of ram gopal varma is popular celebrity unknowingly because of her father’s charisma. May be only very few knew or might have seen her yet any news on Revathi will crawl on to headlines. Few months ago, Rajamouli revealed the information on RGV’s daughter Revathi getting married and the ace director has even attended the engagement ceremony.

This time, the news is about Revathi’s betrothal on August 15th. Groom is Revathi’s co-medico Pranav and this is an inter caste love marriage planned between close family members and friends from both the sides. While no star celebrities are invited for the occasion, media might also have no invitation. In fact, RGV does not believe in the institution of marriage but he is doing it to see his daughter happy.

Pranav’s parents are heard to be doctors settled in Dubai. To our information, RGV and his wife Rathna also belong to two different castes.