Ramcharan is no more Mega Power Star


Ramcharan-is-no-more-Mega-PEver since Pawan announced his political entry, and formation of Jana Sena Party with the slogan ‘Congress Hatavo Desh Bachao’ the ties between Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi were cut off.

The two brothers are now heading to two opposite sides one heading Congress in the state and the other supporting Congress’ rivals BJP and TDP. Pawan was awarded Power Star by his fans and when Cherry was launched he was given the nickname Mega Power Star with a long foresight of getting Pawan’s fan base as well as Chriu’s fans.

With serious differences cropping up between the two MEGA brothers, and with Cherry also clarifying that he will not support Pawan in his political line, but will support only his dad, hear says that Cherry started feeling discomfort carrying the title Mega Power Star shoes. So Chiru has re-christened (read: unofficially) him as Mega Star, which also sends clear signals to us that Cherry will be his heir (be it cinemas or politics). Henceforth he will be reckoned as Mega Star and we will see that reflect from title credits of his next movie Govindudu Andari Vaadele it self.