Shekhar Kammula wants an art film from Rajamouli


Shekhar-Kammula-RajamouliCine lovers do expect a lot from ace director Rajamouli and the hype surrounding his 2015 release ‘Baahubali’ is so huge. But all cine lovers fall on one side and director Sekhar Kammula falls on other side, when it comes to expecting stuff from Rajamouli.

Stressing that good-movies are the need of hour, Sekhar Kammula avers that he is interested to make meaningful cinema that makes audience think and live with it. ‘Rather making a comedy, movies should reflect our individualities, lives and culture’, Sekhar says. He advises star directors to come out of that vicious circle of making commercial pot boilers such that ‘signature’ flicks will be made.

‘Rajamouli and Trivikram are under stress to deliver hits. Otherwise they could do much more than what they are doing. Someday, I’m expecting that Rajamouli will make his signature film very soon rather these masalas’, Sekhar said, confessing his wish of watching Rajamouli make an art flick. Lets eagerly wait for that day when Rajamouli reaches Sekhar Kammula’s expectations of a good cinema.