Story behind Suriya turning Singer


For the first time ever, Hero Suriya turned into a playback singer and this happened for the Coffee brand Sunrise which he has been endorsing. Who convinced a reluctant Suriya that he would fit the bill? It’s none other than the singer-turned-composer Karthik who is behind many of the chartbuster songs and director Rajiv Menon who is working for the new commercial of Sunrise.

The making video of the song has gone viral on the web. Karthik and Rajiv Menon receives Suriya as soon as he reaches the recording studio. After formal greetings, they inform to the actor that he is going to sing for the commercial and that’s going to make a big difference. Initially, Suriya was taken aback and conveyed that he just came for the dubbing, not for singing. Rajiv Menon tried to convince him by saying Karthik couldn’t sing as he lost his voice and only he could replace him now as he is a very romantic at heart. Suriya, on the other hand, said he wasn’t even a bathroom singer and had never tried anything like singing in his life. The composer and the director, however, insisted that he should give it a try by saying there is always a first thing.

Finally, Suriya decided to give it a shot and got into the studio. At first, he appeared very tense and couldn’t even sing a few lines. Karthik and Rajiv Menon helped him to get into the mood of the song and the actor delivered his best after two to three takes. No doubt, a lot of composers would insist that Suriya should sing at least one song for them after hearing his magical voice.