Why RGV Targeted Chiranjeevi?


RGV-satire-on-political-leaPower Star Pawan Kalyan is such a great actor who has amazing following among all sections of audiences. Moreover, ever since the release of ‘Gabbar Singh’, his craze seems to have been doubled. Obviously, many people started praising the greatness of Pawan Kalyan. Well, if those praises come from the bottom of their hearts, every fan of Pawan Kalyan would feel pride of their favourite star. However, it seems a section of people are going for flattery on Pawan Kalyan only to abuse his eldest brother, Chiranjeevi by making unnecessary and unrelated comparisons with him to satisfy their egos. True fans of ‘Pawanism’ can understand their conspiracies. Meanwhile, director ram gopal varma seems to have joined the bandwagon of those people, who praise Pawan Kalyan to criticize Chiranjeevi. Following tweet is the best example and it goes on,  ” If Pawan kalyan was not Chiranjeevis brother he would have become a even bigger star”.Another tweet went on, ” strongly believe that if Pawan Kalyan headed PRP it would have won with a thumping majority”.  Interestingly, these tweets were posted late night around Two O’clock!!!

What made RGV to develop anger on Chiranjeevi?: When RGV’s first directorial venture, ‘Siva’ turned out to be the blockbuster, he was gossiped to have expected Chiranjeevi would definitely work with him. However, there was no such  project immediately as RGV expected. After a long gap, the duo worked for a project. However, due to the differences between Chiru and RGV, the project was shelved after having a few days shoot. When RGV got a comeback to tollywood through ‘Raktha Charitra’, he once again gossiped to have hoped a call from any one of the heroes from mega compound. He then,reportedly posted some tweets in support of Chiranjeevi as well. However, his plans were not worked out well.