This 22-Year-Old saved the World from Virus!


Marcus-HutchinsMarcus Hutchins, a British Cyber Security Researcher, has saved as many as 99 countries in the World from Wannacry Ransomware Attack.

The 22-Year-Old succeeded in slowing down the spread of Wannacry Ransomware virus by working from his home located in a seaside resort. Pictures of Marcus Hutchins self-assembled IT Hub surfaced on Sunday night. The small room consists of three monitors, servers and video games.

Hutchins shared the efforts put in by him in a detailed blog (How to accidentally stop a Global Cyber Attacks) shared by him on Sunday. He claims to have received the sample of the malware from his friend and fellow researcher. Soon, He tested the sample to find out an unregistered domain which he registered in quick time. The registration of the domain prevented the spread of virus to any new computer.

This youth is being described as an ‘Accidental Hero’ now. Experts rate him as one of the most intelligent people in the World.