5 Indian Navy officers arrested for allegedly molesting a woman in a pub


woman-molested-in-pubFive Indian Navy officers were arrested in the early hours of Sunday on charges of molestation, after they allegedly harassed and assaulted a woman at a Khar pub on Saturday night.

The five men, all under the influence of alcohol, had then chased the woman, a banker from Gujarat, and her businessman husband, from Khar to Borivli, in two autorickshaws before the Kasturba Marg police caught them under the Borivli flyover.

The Khar police said the five men, who work in the electronics department at the Naval Dockyard, were at a pub in Khar (West) when the incident took place.

The police said one of the five men passed lewd comments at the woman who was at the pub with her husband and two of their friends.

The woman’s husband got into a fight with the man over this. Soon after, the man’s four friends started manhandling the couple and their two friends.

“Seeing the ruckus the five men were creating, the bouncers at the pub threw them out. But, they did not leave the premises and waited till the couple got out at 1.30am, when the pub shut. They again got into an altercation with the couple and here, too, bouncers had to intervene and settle the fight,” said Kalpana Survase, sub-inspector, Khar police.

Seeing the couple get into an autorickshaw, the five men got into two other autos and followed the couple. Seeing this, the woman called the police and informed them of what was happening.

The police advised them to come under the Borivli flyover, where the police intercepted the two autos and caught the five men. A medical test conducted on the men found them all to be drunk, Survase said.

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